Happy Hearts foundation supported


The Happy Hearts Foundation has purchased the veil material for our small patients and for the staff in the department. They are sewn for us by our lovely sister Ruženka. In the photo is our master Nosál and small patient Adamko, who is successfully recovering after the 4th operation of the unicameral heart.

Milova 2020 282

The Happy Hearts Foundation donated toys to our two small patients, Bianka and Natálka, when they left the ward. Natálka spent more than a month with us and after a successful operation she overcame a very severe infection. Fortunately, we managed everything well. We wish our girls a happy return home. J

Slivo Palko

The Happy Hearts Foundation bought a car seat for our patient. Since 2016, Paľko has completed 5 operations in total and we are glad that this was the last one. We wish him a happy travel. 🙂

The Happy Heart Foundation has bought our little patient Oliver a steam pot to prepare meals.

Oliver was prematurely born with a severe heart error and weighed only 2 kg. He has undergone 3 major operations with several additional performances. After the last surgery he spent 108 days with us. We hope that he likes it and that it gets nice :).

From Oliver’s Mom:

“Thank you very much to the Happy Hearts Foundation for a wonderful gift. Food preparation for Oliver is fast and healthy, so it saves me the time I can devote to my son, which is the most important thing to me after spending such a long time in hospital.”


The Happy Heart Foundation has bought our Snuza home monitor for our little patient, Natálka. Natálka came to us as a 1.7 kg premature baby. She completed 2 operations and spent 104 days with us. We wish her a quick recovery.

The Happy Hearts Foundation has bought a car seat for our little patient Matej Klack. Matej has already completed three surgeries in our country and has heroically managed the last hospitalization with 2 operations of 112 days. Let him do well!

The Happy Heart Foundation supported the participation of our nurses from the opera Jaroslava Severíniová and Nikoleta Balážová at the nationwide nursing conference.


The Happy Heart Foundation contributed to the purchase of a stroller by our little patient, Dorotka Matiaskova, who underwent complicated heart failure surgery in our neonatal age and spent more than three months here. Have a good time for Dorothy!

The Happy Heart Foundation has bought our patient, Filipko Melich, a blanket with a tripod and a monthly pack of diapers. After his second surgery, Filipko spent a month with him and is still waiting for him in the future.

The Happy Heart Foundation supported the participation of our perfusionologist, Renata Sklenarova, at the international perfusion congress in Prague. She presented our long-term results using non-IT support systems.

The Happy Heart Foundation helped our patient Lilianka Sojkova and her family by purchasing baby food and diapers for several months. Lilianka has been doing 2 very difficult surgeries since she was born in our country, and spent her 4 months in the hospital. She is happily at home with her family.

The Happy Heart Foundation donated a car to our patient, Adamk Gunar, who underwent 4 heart surgery and left home for more than 40 days. We wish him all good.

Markus Vajda

The Happy Heart Foundation bought a carriage for our patient, Markus Vajd, who spent nearly 2 months in our department after previous 4 and recent 2 operations.


Small Gift Cardiochirurgy – syringes, for our little patient, Melanie Rašová.

Ferko Cingel

The Happy Heart Foundation repeatedly donated the family of our patient, Ferko Cingel, who lost his mother, gift vouchers valued at 250 Eur.

The Happy Heart and Nurses Foundation The Children’s Cardiovascular Unit endowed both MDS and our patients with the JIS and the Department.

Machač 006

The Happy Heart Foundation donated Jurka Macháč’s family diapers, who spent 44 days with us and completed 2 operations. We hope he will do well.

Darček Ferkovi Cingelovi

Our two Katy, nurses from the Children’s Cardiovascular Unit, personally handed EUR 250 vouchers from Ferka Cinge’s Happy Family Foundation to our family. We thank you.

The Happy Heart Foundation bought a rocking chair for our patient, Sebastián Fiľarského. After 2 surgeries and spent 4 months in the hospital, we wish him and his family all good.

The Happy Heart Foundation wants to thank the business MioMat – mašinka na zdravé dobroty​ & Zuzana Cackovafor donating 5 Miomat. We have already managed to manage 2 families of our patients.

The Happy Heart Foundation donated Ferka Cingel’s family, who suddenly lost their mother, vouchers to a supermarket valued at 200 Eur. Little help for a quieter Christmas ….
Thanks to Ferko donor: Juraj Benca, Monika Lašsakova, Ing.Marian Folba, Marko Michal, Plevoivá Marcela, Ing.Ján Smolen.

The Happy Heart Foundation bought an iron and endorsed the siblings and family of our patient, Ferko Cingel. A year after he had gone through 2 operations and spent five months with us, he lost his mother. We’re glad he’s doing well and helping his family continue. We thank our staff and the nurses for not forgetting our patients in hard times and helping them in their spare time.

The Happy Heart Foundation has purchased a remote control car for our patient Adriana. After 2 weeks of surgery for the replacement of the lung valve, he took him home to a professional family.

The Happy Heart Foundation bought a walker for our patient Ferko Cingel, who left home from our department after 5 months and 2 operations.

The Happy Heart Foundation bought a sports carriage for our patient, Vivien Tóth, who recovers after a difficult operation with a complicated course.