About the foundation

The Happy Heart Foundation was founded in 2013 at the Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at Children’s Cardiocentrum in Bratislava.

Separate Department of Pediatric Surgery was established in 1994 under the leadership of Mayor Viktor Hraška and Professor Jaroslav Siman.

Nowadays, under the direction of Mayor Matej Nosála, he is involved in the operations of congenital heart disease in children from all over Slovakia. We perform surgery in neonates up to adulthood, including heart transplants and long-term out-of-hospital support.

The purpose of our foundation is to help children with heart surgery and their parents to cope with the operation and stay in the department, which sometimes lasts for several weeks to months as well. It is also an individual aid to patients and their families with the most severe forms of congenital heart disease, who often undergo repeated and complex heart surgery.

The Foundation also organizes annual events for our small family patients – international Childrens Day, Mikuláš, Christmas Carols with Lúčnica.

What would you like to know about our foundation:

90% of our Foundation’s funding goes directly to supporting child patients

Head of Unit and Chairman of the Board of Trustees MUDr. Matej Nosáľ PhD. is the holder of the TOP Doctor and TOP Innovation Awards in 2014 and 2015.

All Foundation members work on it voluntarily – the Foundation’s wage costs are 0 €.

We successfully operate 300 children with congenital heart disease every year


47 doctors, nurses and auxiliary staff are our department.

The team

„Niet inej profesie, ktorá by tak emocionálne spojila dva úplne cudzie objekty, ako je chirurgia. Chirurg a pacient. Ten chirurg sa o pacienta bojí, aj keď si niektorí nepriznávajú, ale pacient to nesmie vedieť. On ho musí vidieť suverénneho. Pri ošetrovaní hlavne akútnych stavov ani nepozerá na seba. V zápale si neuvedomuje, že starosť o pacienta môže ohroziť jeho samého.“ …


„Chirurgia je droga. Niektorí to hovoria, ale prax to potvrdzuje. Uvedomujeme si nebezpečie, ale nedbáme, hazardujeme. Práve preto je to ako droga.

— Prof. MUDr. Jaroslav Siman, CSc.