The ensemble Lúčnica and Archbishop Zvolenský on the cardiocentre

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The Happy Heart Foundation organized the Christmas Carols for the Patients at our Department 4 times, which were attended by singers from the choir Lúčnica / Lúčnica Chorus. Our small patient also came to bless Archbishop Stanislav Zvolenský.

Big thanks

The students renovated the bathroom

Students at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Bratislava “Stavbárske Srdce” have in our spare time reconstructed our bathroom and toilet in one of the rooms that serves our little patients and their parents in the Department of Pediatric Surgery.

A gift from the village Rastislavice

Thanks to the Mayor of Rastislav and all his inhabitants for financial support of € 392.82 and donations for patients at the Department of Pediatric Surgery.

Gift from Monika’s Beauty Salon

Huge thanks to the Happy Heart Foundation belongs to our patient Oliver Zábojník, his parents and Monika’s Beauty Salon for a financial gift of  3257,10€.