Happy Hearts Foundation

The primary purpose of the Happy Hearts Foundation, in the humanitarian spirit and philantrophy, is to help those smallest amongst us who need it the most. With our activities and financial grants we support the provision of healthcare for surgical patients at the Pediatric cardiac surgery department in Bratislava. Read More

The Happy Heart Foundation has bought our little patient Oliver a steam pot to prepare meals.

Oliver was prematurely born with a severe heart error and weighed only 2 kg.

He has undergone 3 major operations with several additional performances. After the last surgery he spent 108 days with us.

We hope that he likes it and that it gets nice :).

From Oliver’s Mom:

“Thank you very much to the Happy Hearts Foundation for a wonderful gift. Food preparation for Oliver is fast and healthy, so it saves me the time I can devote to my son, which is the most important thing to me after spending such a long time in hospital.”