Happy Hearts Foundation

The primary purpose of the Happy Hearts Foundation, in the humanitarian spirit and philantrophy, is to help those smallest amongst us who need it the most. With our activities and financial grants we support the provision of healthcare for surgical patients at the Pediatric cardiac surgery department in Bratislava. Read More

Dear friends We would like to ask you for help for our cordial children.

The Happy Hearts Foundation provided mothers in our department with a MIOMAT device for the production of soups and porridge for children. They often stay on the ward for several weeks, some even months. And so we said that every whole year we will supply the kitchen for mothers and our staff together with our friends from https://www.sladuckeovocie.sk/ fresh fruit.🍓, vegetables and other healthy goodies from Slovak farms. We are therefore organizing a large collection and we would like to ask you for support.

All funds collected from you and sponsors will be used exclusively to purchase healthy goodies, and if we are missing a few euros, we will pay them from our foundation. We are grateful for any contribution to our account (IBAN can be found on our main page http://www.nadaciastastnesrdcia.sk/ on the left). You can find the QR code for payment in your bank’s apk in our FB cover photo. We are looking forward to being able to make mothers and cordial children happy all year long, thanks to you! WE THANK YOU!


We thank the More Foundation, Project Vivvo and the fashion brand The Odds for the contribution of EUR 3,000

We thank the More Foundation, Project Vivvo and the fashion brand The Odds for the contribution of EUR 3,000, which we used to purchase the operating room equipment for the youngest children. Singer Dominika Mirgová 🌷 and actor Matúš Kolarovský aj also came to give us a gift. After meeting with the mayor, we showed them our department and they really liked us. Thank you very much again! 👏🙏👏

International Children’s Day 2021

Yesterday, dozens of heart-shaped children 💞 with their parents, doctors and nurses from our department, a warm sunshine, and Clown Jašo also met at the Wakelake Complex on Zlaté piesky.

The reward of all those who helped us organize this year’s MDD was endless childhood joy and hundreds of grateful smiles. 😄😄😄 We look forward to another year, friends !! 🌷