Dear friends and supporters. We will be moving to new premises in a few weeks. We would like to prepare our ward for our small patients and their families, who spend time with us before and after the operation, so that their stay is as pleasant and least painful as possible. From the creators of fairy tales Mimi and Líza, Drobci and Websterovci, we obtained the rights to use their fairy-tale heroes, which your children will certainly know from Večerníčky. We want to glue the walls of rooms, corridors, dining rooms and games rooms with them. We would like to ask you for help – your contribution to this project in any amount will make it easier for children of heart to stay in our department. You can send your contributions directly to our IBAN account: SK44 0200 0000 0031 5788 9251, or you can scan the QR code in the image on our main page in the top right of your bank’s mobile application. Thank you very much for your help. Happy Foundation Team